Your best choice for an ERP solution

With all the interconnectivity we have today, it’s no surprise that most businesses work hard to maintain a system that allows them to provide the best service to their customers. Often these systems allow employees from different departments of the organization to share data and create reports.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a system used by companies to integrate information across the organization. There are currently a number of software applications in the market that cater to businesses that need reliable ERP software. One such software is the Sage MAS ERP solutions.

As a member of the Sage suite of solutions, MAS ERP has the fundamental features that make all Sage applications popular – customizability, scalability and an easy-to-use interface. And we haven’t reached out to tech support yet, who can kindly direct you in case you encounter a problem with your software.

The MAS ERP solutions come in three versions – the MAS90 software, the MAS 200 and the MAS 50. The difference lies in the size of the company that would be using the system. Both MAS 90 and MAs 200 focus on small and medium-sized businesses. They offer various functionalities touching core accounting, business intelligence, customer relationship management, e-commerce, HR and payroll, as well as manufacturing and sales.

The MAS 90 runs on a Windows platform as opposed to the client/server or SQL platform on which the Sage MAS 200 runs. It is offered in other versions like Peachtree Special Edition, Special Edition for Quickbook Users, MAS 90 Small Business Edition and MAS 90 BusinessWorks Edition.

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The MAS90 software and the MAS 200 both share the same functionality, with the MAS 200 being an extension of the MAS 90. However, the MAS 200 has a more powerful and scalable server. It can run on low bandwidth found in wide area networks. The MAS 200 software is recommended for companies with more than one location or for companies with 10 or more users working on a larger database.