Why does your business need a hot desk booking system?

Desk hoteling is not a new concept. The idea of ​​flexible working arrangements has been around for more than two decades. Over the years, several studies support the idea of ​​the office hotel as an effective way to increase productivity in the workplace.

While many employees are still reluctant to the idea of ​​desk sharing, various companies have embraced and implemented open office layouts and space planning systems in their organization.

Why does your business need a hot desk booking system?

DeskFlex desk booking software is the leading provider of office hotel management software. DeskFlex hotdesk software successfully supported private and public organizations in their work from home or telecommuting programs when working away from the office was still unknown.

DeskFlex’s main features include desk booking, room scheduling, asset management and the newly added features to combat COVID infections. The DeskFlex room booking software also has complementary hardware such as the contactless room displays, the FlexCube, Bluetooth beacons, lobby kiosks and workstation displays. The hardware devices help to fully perform the software functions.

If you’re still not convinced, here are the top reasons why you need a hot desk booking system in your business:

  1. Easy access. An office hoteling software allows users to make conference room reservations from the comfort of their own home via web login and mobile app. This feature allows employees to report to work with available desks and associated equipment to come to work. It is beneficial for large companies with multiple shift schedules but has a limited number of workstations. Contact centers, customer service and sales consultancies are some examples.
  1. Save real estate costs. Deskflex’s hot desk software can help businesses reduce overhead and real estate expenses. The system automatically allocates power supply, telephone switch, printer and copier to a confirmed reservation. So when the desk is unoccupied, the power and other amenities remain off. Businesses can save on real estate costs because they don’t need a larger space to accommodate all employees. If your company has changing working hours, two employees can book the same desk at different times.
  1. value for money. It’s worth investing in DeskFlex hot desk software because it automates your business processes and staff schedules. You only pay once for the software and only for the number of workstations you want your employees to access. With Reports and AnalysisFacility managers can keep track of which rooms are used the most and which areas remain unused. It also shows who made, changed, canceled or rebooked reservations.
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These are just a few of the many benefits an organization can receive from a subscription DeskFlex Hotdesk software. It’s the only software you’ll ever need for your business.