When is freeware, trialware, and shareware software like Malwarebytes safe?

The answer to this question depends on where and how you download it. Freeware is safe as long as it is checked with a good antivirus tool. You need to be careful as some of the so called “free” antivirus tools are known to be virus laden themselves.

Most good download websites classify their software download products into three main categories:

  1. freeware – if the download, when executed, is a free application, since no payment is required to download the software, nor does the software provider require payment to use it. It is generally free to redistribute, but cannot be sold by third parties.
  2. trial version – In general, the downloaded software works for free for a predefined period of time. Sometimes it’s fully functional, but you only get X number of applications before you have to pay to register the software. Sometimes usage is free for a certain period of time, e.g. B. 21 days. Sometimes the software is only partially functional. That means only some of the features of the software are enabled during the trial period. You must upgrade to a full or pro version if you want to use 100% of the product’s functionality.
  3. shareware is a form of freeware where vendors create free software products and agree to openly share them on the internet in hopes that users will then buy other company’s products.

Back to the point…. Freeware can be safe, but you should know something about the software before downloading it and always download it from a website that specializes in software distribution and is an affiliate of the software vendor. It’s also good to read some review articles. Good sources ensure their software is handpicked and checked to ensure it is virus free. Many also have a monthly newsletter that notifies you when new products are added to their website. They test and review all top freeware and trialware including Malwarebytes, Regcure, Filecure, Antivirus Plus and others from companies like Pareto. The added value is that you can interact in a community of users and find out what is the best choice when in fact the software is not completely free.

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