Video Conferencing – The pros and cons of video conferencing

Many companies conduct video conferences during meetings. With video conferencing you can call anyone in the world and not only talk to them, but also see them on the projector or computer screen. Video conferencing is intended for a larger audience, such as a conference or meeting, rather than serving the needs of an individual.

As technology has become more advanced, companies have made video conferencing a key activity during meetings. However, video conferencing has its pros and cons.

Advantages of video conferencing:

1. Can reach anyone in the world almost instantly. With video conferencing, nobody has to travel long distances for conferences and meetings. There will be no geographic or time limit.

2. Works well for large audiences. During video conferences, PowerPoint slides and visuals can be projected onto a large screen for everyone in a room. This makes it suitable for holding conferences and meetings with larger crowds.

3. Allow people in different locations to interact with each other effectively and easily. In a phone call, only 2 people can communicate with each other. However, video conferencing allows people from different locations to interact effectively with each other. 3 people in Singapore can easily interact with 5 people in China and another 3 people in the US, with all hearing and seeing perfectly.

Disadvantages of video conferencing:

1. Expensive. The price of a good video conferencing system can be a major concern for most people. So if you don’t need advanced features, there are cheap options to choose from. However, once you know how to take advantage of these advanced features, you may find that the money you save flying employees and clients across the country will more than offset the cost of the video conferencing system. Before purchasing a system, make sure you understand your needs so you get the right one for your business.

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2. Loss of human touch. Eye contact is very important during a communication. However, in video conferencing, eye contact is not simply delivered by the camera.

Now that you have a list of the pros and cons of video conferencing, it’s up to you to decide if video conferencing is necessary for your business. Before purchasing any system, make sure you do thorough research first to choose the best system for your business.