Top 9 MLM Tools to Grow Your MLM Business

Here are the 9 best MLM tools to grow your MLM business, which will help you spend your time and energy recruiting new employees to your company and training employees who are already working in your company.

  • webinars are a powerful tool for any business but especially any type of MLM or Network Marketing business where you have a team or downline. Webinars allow you to host live meetings over the internet, which is really handy for anyone who can’t make it to a physical meeting, and they’re also great tools for training your team on how to effectively run your business offline or can market online.
  • podcast are another tool you can use to create a recorded presentation of your opportunity or training for your team.
  • YouTube videos Really let your prospects and your team know who you really are. This is the most transparent form of social media as people can really see you unless you take action of course. A little tip: be yourself and you will get the greatest response.
  • Article Marketing is a great way to show your expertise in a specific niche, in this case MLM. You can do reviews of your business to drive traffic to your business.
  • ustrom is a great tool that you can use to host live shows, training, Q&A or whatever you want to cover. These are live broadcasts…don’t forget that.
  • press releases are powerful because you can write them and you have complete control over what is mentioned. This is a great way to convey credibility about you as a leader and the company you are part of.
  • to blog is a powerful way to show your expertise about your company, the MLM industry or any niche you want to be known as an expert in. Maybe create a blog about MLM recruitment? Just an idea.
  • Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These sites are great for building relationships and gaining trust within the industry and being known as someone who knows what they are talking about.
  • Skype is now a great way for people to chat internationally for free. This is especially useful if your team is located outside of your country.
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So there you have it… the 9 best MLM tools to grow your MLM business. You’ve probably noticed that all of these tools can be found online. You can see that the internet really does allow you to make better use of your time than any other tool out there, so quick advice: use it.