Tips on how to effectively outsource your customer service

For many years, companies that need access to skills and resources but lack the capital to invest have typically outsourced their business to other companies, whether within the same country or abroad. Saving money is always an issue for almost every business out there, and outsourcing is a great way to reduce operational costs. But outsourcing your customer service can mean your business is at risk of customer reactions. Large companies like Dell, Inc and many others that have outsourced their customer service have seen the downside of this business strategy. However, learning from their experiences can help address outsourcing issues effectively.

If, like many businesses today, you’ve made the decision to outsource your customer service, you need to take steps to ensure that this business strategy doesn’t hurt your business.

Applying these tips to effectively outsource your customer service can make a significant contribution to the success of your business and improve your relationship with your outsourced customer service partner.

1. Do your research

a. Make sure you find a customer service provider for your business that specializes in your industry.

b. Find reputable service providers with a good track record.

c. Search for past clients who have been mentored by your chosen outsourcing partner and request feedback or reviews. There will always be negative feedback and complaints, so make sure you don’t just deal with that, but ask how they handled any issues and issues.

2. Offer training

a. Don’t use your agents right away and take care of your customers. You need to be well trained to become more effective in dealing with customer inquiries.

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b. Training will also help your agents become familiar and comfortable with your business, making them more productive as your customer service specialist.

c. Training will also help your agent not sound like they’re reading from a script. Many customers are not happy when speaking to a customer service representative who is reading from a script. It shows a lack of knowledge and expertise about the product, which can negatively impact the business.

3. Consider hiring a consultant with experience in customer service outsourcing.

a. Advisors can point you in the right direction and provide valuable information that can save you time and money as you begin to outsource your business overseas.

b. Choosing the right consultant is just as important as choosing your outsourcing partner.

4. Conduct customer follow-up and request feedback.

a. Conduct regular customer surveys. Remember that your customers are the primary recipients of customer care and when they made that call to your customer service they are the right person to ask if their needs were met.

b. Collecting customer feedback can give you an overview of your customer service performance and identify areas where you can continue to improve.

c. Connecting with your customer also gives your customer a sense of importance that reflects your goal of improving your service to better support them.

5. Take care of your outsourcing partner.

a. Your outsourcing partners are the people who build your relationship with your customer. You know your business and your customers, so it takes time and effort to make sure they care.

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b. How you treat your outsourcing partner is a reflection of your business which reflects the work ethic and leads to good performance.