The main benefits of using web-based project management software

Business is all about collaboration. Whether you’re launching a new product or just trying to get a handle on your day-to-day business activities, web-based project management software can be tremendously helpful. This organizational software can be used to track new and ongoing projects, manage human and financial resources, and generally help you better manage your business. Although you can purchase project software for offline use, here are some reasons why the online version is better for your business.

Access the software from anywhere – Perhaps the most important benefit of using web-based project management software is the fact that the tool can be accessed from anywhere. The software is hosted on a web server and not on an internal computer system in your company. This means that you and your team can log into the system from anywhere there is an internet connection. Since most management tools are hosted on secure servers that encrypt your credentials, you don’t have to worry about security. Hackers cannot use malicious tools to steal usernames and passwords to illegally access your personal or company information.

Manage and Save Money – Saving money is another great benefit of using web-based project management software. Enterprise-level software typically costs millions with expensive annual maintenance contracts. With web-based software, on the other hand, you pay for what you need and don’t have to sign long-term contracts. Instead of paying to fax or mail documents to people in different areas, you can upload those documents and make them available to everyone assigned to the project. Your team members can then view, update, comment on, download and even print the information they need. You can also allow clients to review the project and sign off on your work quickly and easily. In addition, project management software usually has tools to monitor the cash flow in the project, which can help you stay on budget and avoid wasteful spending.

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Improve customer service – As mentioned before, you can give customers access to the project and give their input if needed. For example, if you are designing a new logo for the client, you can upload the first draft of the design to the web-based project management software for them to review at their convenience. You don’t have to waste time making an appointment to show them models or spend money sending the designs to their office for them to look at. Project management software usually has a discussion feature so you and your client can talk about the design in real time. This allows you to complete projects faster and make your customers happier.