The importance of automated time tracking software in today’s world

Due to its numerous benefits, the use of biometric devices to keep employees present has become essential nowadays. Whether they run a small or large business, entrepreneurs turn to time tracking systems and software to help their HR department with accurate employee payroll accounting.

Installing a time tracking software/system in an organization eliminates buddy punching and makes it easier to manage employee absences and time tracking, regardless of the number of departments and staff strength. Time tracking software allows business owners to tag the time tracking habits of their employees. In addition to all of these benefits, these systems are also preferred because they help limit physical security access.

How biometric time tracking software works

Biometric devices identify an individual based on their intrinsic physical characteristics, which can include fingerprints, palms, face, iris, etc. The most commonly used feature is the fingerprint. Machines that use other features mentioned above to identify an individual are a bit expensive, but also more functional.

Time attendance software that uses a person’s fingerprint to recognize it is easy to install and manage. It is the automated equivalent of the paper-based attendance system and is used for managing various day-to-day employee timekeeping tasks such as:

The biggest benefit of using an automated time and attendance system is that it reduces the administrative burden of managing paper timesheets, increasing productivity and reducing inaccuracies. Such systems are a boon for organizations with multiple processes and layers. With these systems, administrators can even set the break times, lunch times, overtime hours and many other schedule management processes. These systems also track late punches and provide multiple audit reports.

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Suitable for application in different places

Besides offices, biometric attendance software and systems are suitable for use in several other places such as hospitals, schools, factories, etc. One can choose from a variety of models to suit their workplace environment.

In order to use a device that helps calculate employee attendance, one needs to install the software on the main computer and the device on the wall. Then you have to connect the software and the device, enroll the employees with their face, fingerprint or iris details and the device is ready to use.

In summary, maintaining pen-and-paper-based or manual attendance processes is quite time-consuming, albeit inexpensive. Biometric time attendance devices are the most convenient, hassle-free, cost-effective and fastest solution for keeping accurate employee attendance records.