The best web browsers to date

So what is the best browser to work with these days? Well here is a little review about them and some reasons why they are in place. Of course, this is a biased review because it’s from my own understanding, but I’ve also based it on their accomplishments.

Firefox – an excellent web browser that surpasses the previous IE versions and keeps updating each version better and better. Smooth loading and easy shortcuts, what more could you ask for? With the one window tab mode to add to the list, it has really made life for all those lazy web surfers that much easier. Another thing would be the Mozilla Addons feature which basically gives you the freedom to update your Mozilla web browser, a great addition to the expanding world of online programming. Bottom Line: Get Firefox and stick with it.

Google Chrome – the second best and progenitor of the web browser throne. Google has almost everything from search engines to online advertising and much more. Well, it’s not enough it seems because they also want to take over the web browser business. Yes, I have to admit that Chrome seems to be a lot faster than Firefox. A cool feature would be the “Drag and Drop Anywhere” that allows you to drag text or a link from anywhere on a webpage and paste it directly into your search bar, making life as easy as it already is.

Internet Explorer – the best and best web browser long before Firefox and Chrome were phased out. Nice color scheme but such a long loading browser, I wouldn’t mind using it if the above two are or maintenance or something. Most of the features you see in Firefox are also in IE, and the environment is fantastic to look at.

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Well there you go, if you don’t want to hear my thoughts then try it yourself. Then you can tell me if I’m wrong or right. There are many other browsers to choose from, but three are the best of the best. Anyway, without their help, browsing the web will be as boring as it was in 1990.