The benefits of education and training in the workplace

The following article explains everything you need to know about education and training in the workplace.

In the current economic climate that we find ourselves in, many companies will carefully review their staffing budgets. As companies tighten their belts, one of the areas that can be considered expendable is education and training. As this article shows, while many organizations ask the question, can we afford to spend on training and development, a more pertinent question would be, can we afford NOT to spend on training and development?

As we know, the workplace is a dynamic, fluid environment. Training and development needs in the workplace can change with each new order, purchase or sale. Therefore, it is vital that your organization responds both proactively and reactively to changing circumstances with internal training and development.

On-the-job training and development makes changes visible in real-time, unlike external tutoring or homework training. It also allows your company to have a direct overview of the training and development methods used and an immediate input into the content.

Internal training provides an opportunity to pinpoint employee development needs and to meet those needs, which are then incorporated into current processes and workflows. When a new problem or aspect of work is identified, training and development ensures the immediate development of employee skills needed to master that process. In addition, on-the-job training and development gives training staff the ability to correct employee errors immediately, review them immediately, and provide additional training when they are identified.

Conversely, the immediacy of training and development is the ability to change training methods or facts that have been proven wrong and change them before adverse work occurs. Consider employee reactions. Some workers may respond positively to change, while others resist through fear of the unknown. Training and further education in the workplace means familiar terrain for employees and a familiar environment for trainers as well.

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When training and education lead to better results, employees tend to show more personal responsibility and pride in their work. This can help increase productivity and efficiency, and of course increase job satisfaction. Employees who are happy with their jobs are more likely to work harder and be more valuable to the company, which in turn puts the company in a stronger position.

Why not see how in-house training can improve the productivity of your employees today?