The benefit of using the feedback form to improve customer service

The feedback form is an excellent medium for collecting comments, suggestions and customer opinions about your company. It’s a good way to know how you’re doing with your customer service.

When you have a feedback form attached to your website, you are intentionally providing a gateway to ongoing customer retention. Of course, it is understood that collecting more information from your customers via the feedback form means that you are actively responding to the information submitted to you.

With the continuing trend that most of your customers are buying or shopping online, it is very important that your website has a feedback form. It is also important that you are open about how you deal with the feedback given to you.

Make sure your feedback form is easily accessible. Offer your customers multiple ways to provide their feedback. The usual feedback form will do, but you must also provide an email address, fax number, mobile and landline number. If you wish, you can invite your customers to pay a personal visit.

Customers would be delighted to read your gracious attitude when a thank you message pops up after filling out the feedback form to welcome their comments. This gives the impression that your customers play a big part in shaping your business when you express gratitude and are happy to respond to their feedback.

Some websites offer animations and videos to attract their customers to fill out the feedback form. For them, getting feedback from their customers is their way of assessing how they can improve their customer service. Through this feedback mechanism, they also learn about the status of their products, especially the newly launched ones.

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The feedback form could be presented as a poll where customers can tick their choice for the specific matter you are presenting. You may choose to provide a place for further discussion of your opinion.

Note that you must be able to collate the information collected through your feedback form and take immediate action, especially for feedback that requires an urgent response.

Expect more customer retention when they get responses to the feedback they send you. That means you need to make it clear on your website how your business responds to customer feedback. Present a customer-friendly feedback policy that is easy to read, understand, and follow.

Don’t fret about being inundated with customer feedback, the hassle and cost of processing the information. Think about what your business can gain successfully in your customer service engagement when you have a solid feedback form system in place.

Find the interactive feedback form that provides a complete portal for receiving customer comments and suggestions that are critical to improving your customer service engagement. Use the innovative customer feedback form program that allows you to process and update information coming through your website and other media.