Tally’s powerful features for individuals and businesses

For all the popularity it has gained, Tally is known as an accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. It handles all the bookkeeping functions that a certain medium-sized company has. Most people who know Tally have this specific opinion about it. One thing that many are still unaware of is that this accounting software is more versatile. That tally software is not only about accounting, but according to its ERP version, its ability and functioning is much broader and expanded on a large scale. For example, many are not aware that employee information can be managed in this software. From the employee’s name to tasks, work, profile, groups and so on. This could be a great future if a company has multiple employees working at the company.

Help and support from Tally

Online help: In addition to the help available from the client’s local machine itself, links are available that would give access to extensive information on the tally website.

Help Center: The customer can now report issues to their preferred tally service provider or the company itself and track their status. He can mark issues as closed or reopen issues and can do this himself from his copy of Tally. The client has full insight into all their past, present problems, open or closed.

Tally ERP 9 is possibly the only product in the world that has such a feature:

  • Full three-way visibility for users, support providers, and software developers

  • Issues are entered and visibility is achieved by the product itself

  • The customer even has insight into problems reported on the phone from the product

  • The customer has complete control over which cases are closed

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License Management

Single site: Licensing is a simple two-step process. Once the user enters the serial number along with the activation key, the user will receive a license key in their email. This key is then used by him to unlock Tally, giving him a permanent license. Now the customer can manage their own licensing, all within Tally. He can also surrender his license and activate it elsewhere without having to contact the company.

Attract suitable people to work on Tally

Posting job requisitions and viewing resumes: With Tally ERP 9, prospective employers can post their candidate requirements and get licenses from within the product. You can also see the resumes of applicants who are aware of the software and contact them.

Recruitment tests: In the past, the company has relied on TCP certification as proof that an applicant knows the software. Passing TCP certification exams foolproof is a daunting task and most affiliates are never and never will be equipped to do it. With this, the use of TCP as proof of the applicant’s competence has lost some of its luster.

Tally is a complete enterprise resource planning system with an excellent handle on accounting functions. Also, Tally Download has seen a surge in recent years due to its multiple uses.