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The ten best business management apps

It can be hard work managing your people efficiently and keeping them focused and on task. There are several programs to increase productivity and maximize profits. You can automate the most time-consuming processes involved in running a business. These applications are in my opinion the top ten in the series. …

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The ten best ERP software on the market

Organizations implement enterprise resource planning systems to realize the benefits and make their business more profitable. ERP helps streamline information between the organization’s functional departments and easily provides real-time data. Many of the top ERP software cover functional areas such as production management, financial management, customer service, data management, materials …

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Ten steps to choosing the right business software

If you’re like most small business owners, you don’t see yourself as a software technology expert. In fact, you are likely to approach new IT projects with trepidation, handing them off to back-office staff or outside consultants. This is an understandable and healthy fear considering most software projects fail. This …

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