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Startups and small businesses

I’ve had the opportunity to work with startups and small businesses to develop the web applications that are at the heart of their business. It’s fascinating to see entrepreneurs embrace their passion and carve their own path to a successful business. However, breaking new ground is not without its dangers. …

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Online office supply stores help startups save money and time

Equipping your office with furniture, machines, stationery, and other office supplies is one of the most costly, time-consuming, and labor-consuming tasks. You can use search engines to find delivery companies near you, order online and simply wait for delivery. Read how online office supply stores can help you. Order office …

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HR outsourcing: A silver bullet for start-ups

If you’re considering a startup, you might want to avoid the hassles, headaches, and strains that come with building your HR infrastructure. The big ones do it! As recently as the early 1990’s, HR outsourcing was a very small, emerging option, met with skepticism by large companies (over a billion …

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