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Designing Home and SMB Networks 14 – Data Security

I am continually amazed by the number of individuals (and I have to say, companies) who take a very lax approach to their data and rarely prioritize any form of protection from disaster or data corruption or loss. For an individual, losing or destroying all of your computer data can …

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Security is at the core of the SMB network

Small and medium-sized businesses seem to have a shared sense of confidence that their organization will never face a critical security breach. If I had a dime for every SMB owner or decision maker who dismisses potential security threats, I could buy a yacht. The truth is that there is …

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Small ERP software for SMB companies to increase their productivity

A small ERP for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) is a condensed consolidated package with multiple functions. For a small business, if an application for accounting, CRM, etc. can suffice, then it’s cost-effective. For a small business with limited resources and limited finances, Mini-ERP paves a good path in such …

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