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Reasons why you should replace your legacy software with Odoo ERP now

With the increasing consumer demand and the advancement of technologies, there has been an incredible digital transformation and adoption of the new technologies in businesses. The digitization of businesses has also proven to offer a better and more seamless experience to customers around the world. And in order to efficiently …

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IP-based business phone systems could easily replace desk phones

As more and more technologies are developed that revolve around business phone systems, there is a risk that simple handheld phones will be phased out and replaced by new IP phones. Big technology companies like Cisco and Microsoft are definitely looking to increase their sales with communications systems that have …

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How much does it cost to replace an employee?

Keep your good employees The right people in the right places Studies show that the average cost of replacing an employee in the US is $17,000.00 (AVERAGE!!). Some hiring managers use the rule of thumb that regardless of the person’s annual salary, it’s going to cost that much to replace …

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