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The ABC of remote computer software installation

Technology offers some amazing opportunities for companies, organizations and businesses to make information sharing much easier. Originally, LAN and WAN Internet connections provided opportunities for file sharing and transfer via email or FTP servers. Now there’s a very easy and safe way to install remote control computer software that lets …

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Top 10 tips for managing a remote software development team

Organize your collaboration with a remote team Remote work is becoming increasingly popular. In a recent Gallup poll, 37% of respondents said they already do some form of remote work. Obviously going far is the best way, but of course let’s recognize that this has its challenges. Once you’ve made …

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The best remote data backup software solution

Every business should learn how to efficiently backup its remote electronic data. A disaster such as A system crash, computer hardware malfunction, or misplaced laptop can take a toll and more, it can destroy the credibility and reliability of the company. Therefore, a company must use local and remote information …

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