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Prepare your employees for a new electronic medical record system

Buy-in from your employees is a factor in making big changes happen. Managing and positively influencing staff is one of the most important elements in implementing an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system. Executive search firm Korn/Ferry International states that one of the biggest mistakes is that executives who come into …

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Record keeping and basic accounting

What to avoid when budgeting and what to strain your money with the right financial planning. Proper inventory management to save money and get more profit. Basic accounting for entrepreneurs. How to limit stock losses due to stock wastage, breakage and spoilage. introduction Many companies fail due to insufficient or …

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How to create a case record number

When reviewing numerous case management software packages for law firms, we never cease to be amazed at the number of overpriced packages that have “automatically generate a case number” at the top of the list of features, as if that were a difficult or even impressive package feature. Also, most …

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