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Video conferencing reduces costs and improves company productivity

In recent years, online video conferencing technology has come a long way, effectively changing the way business is done. Video conferencing is increasingly being used by all industries. The widespread use of mobile devices and wireless networks fueled the need for video conferencing, not just to connect with customers and …

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Increase productivity potentials with recruitment tracking software

There are many ways that quality recruiting tracking software and applicant tracking systems can help you increase productivity potential. There are two main areas where these types of benefits can be clearly seen – during the processes involved in recruiting and hiring people for your company, and in ensuring that …

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Small ERP software for SMB companies to increase their productivity

A small ERP for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) is a condensed consolidated package with multiple functions. For a small business, if an application for accounting, CRM, etc. can suffice, then it’s cost-effective. For a small business with limited resources and limited finances, Mini-ERP paves a good path in such …

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