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Distributing the processing and storage function in distributed systems

In a distributed system, several computers are connected in the network and work together as a system. These computers are independent, but their collection appears to users as a single coherent system. A distributed system allows resources and information to be shared. Processes running on these systems can communicate with …

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Benefits of implementing electronic forms processing services

Data collection and processing has become a critical function for any growing business. Many companies in insurance, healthcare, education, retail, etc. have to deal with a large part of data collection and processing. This work is often cumbersome and associated with high personnel costs and administrative work. Some companies do …

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4 ways small businesses can reduce their card processing fees

If you don’t want to pay high credit card processing fees, you may find this article helpful. According to small business owners, paying high fees for card processing is overwhelming. Statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that half of startups fail within the first 48 months. Credit …

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