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Why ERP systems and software are important for companies today

Business computer software and systems are notoriously quite expensive as some can cost anywhere in the millions of dollars although they will be able to practically run and manage every aspect of the business once installed. For example, business management applications such as the ERP system and software programs make …

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ERP software solutions

Enterprise resource management seeks to integrate and automate all functional departments within an organization into a single computer system that can meet each department’s unique needs. ERP software consists of different modules for each business activity such as product planning, parts purchasing, manufacturing, inventory control, product distribution, reporting, accounting and …

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Small ERP software for SMB companies to increase their productivity

A small ERP for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) is a condensed consolidated package with multiple functions. For a small business, if an application for accounting, CRM, etc. can suffice, then it’s cost-effective. For a small business with limited resources and limited finances, Mini-ERP paves a good path in such …

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