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Record keeping and basic accounting

What to avoid when budgeting and what to strain your money with the right financial planning. Proper inventory management to save money and get more profit. Basic accounting for entrepreneurs. How to limit stock losses due to stock wastage, breakage and spoilage. introduction Many companies fail due to insufficient or …

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Insure your holiday home – four basic rules

Finding and maintaining the right property and liability insurance for your vacation rental can be a challenge. Most vacation rentals are in high-risk areas like low-lying beach towns or in state forests, and that alone can make finding insurance difficult. Add to the equation that the property is rented out …

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The basic anatomy of antivirus firewall software

Antivirus firewall software vendors have shifted the marketing crosshairs to small office and home (SOHO) users, providing them with an alternative defense against hackers, viruses and other malware infecting information technology. These antivirus and firewall developers offer a lightweight alternative to purchasing expensive firewall appliances and intrusion detection hardware that …

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