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Is a patent attorney required to file a patent application?

Overview: Inventors often ask the question “Do I need a patent attorney to file a patent application?”. The inventor believes that he is able to file the application himself. It’s a costly mistake. Filing a patent is a very complex matter. The application requires a thorough legal knowledge of international …

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When to Contact a Workers Compensation Attorney

Millions of Americans are injured at work every year. Employers notoriously underreport these accidents at work. In 2008, 4.6 million workers suffered work-related illnesses or injuries, according to the AFL-CIO. But the true figure is estimated to be at least two to three times as much. Why is this? Generally, …

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Enjoy debt relief with the help of a bankruptcy attorney

Financial difficulties can force you to file for bankruptcy to make it easier to avoid them. However, it is a process that can be very complicated and you will need the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney to get it all right. Generally, there are commercial bankruptcy attorneys to help filing …

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