Supply Chain Management – ​​Software as a Service

Is spending thousands of dollars buying supply chain software draining your cash flow? Is your software quickly outdated after purchase?

Are you spending too much time programming supply chain software to make it work properly? Are you constantly struggling to keep software up to date and working with different versions?

Are you struggling to create the supply chain collaboration and visibility you desire with global customers, partners, logistics providers, sales, operations centers and administrative departments?

Are you frustrated that you’re not getting the results your supply chain software provider promised you? Tired of hearing why the software program is not working?

If you agree “YES” to these concerns, you don’t feel alone, as most supply chain executives agree.

Every year, exporters, importers and service providers invest millions of dollars and employ thousands of software and hardware engineers in hopes of increasing productivity and achieving better supply chain management collaboration. Most companies have never realized their supply chain management goals. And seldom does a company see an ROI on its investment in software technology before it becomes obsolete or requires a major rewrite. A key reason is over-the-counter software packages and in-house software is made up of pieces put together without a comprehensive end-to-end business visibility plan.

According to Forrester Research, an independent technology and market research company, the current global economic crisis will reduce spending on IT products and services by three percent in 2009. It may not sound like a lot, but perhaps this tightening of budgets is what is causing supply chain management executives to seriously consider what benefits they are getting from their current supply chain management software and at what overall cost to the productivity and competitiveness of theirs company.

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The affordable, sustainable supply chain management software solution is Software-as-a-Service, known as SaaS. Software-as-a-Service offers four immediate benefits that make it very attractive in these economic times: 1) Rapid implementation; 2) Variable costs with usage-based payment; 3) scalability according to your needs; and 4) No capital costs.

Consider these software-as-a-service benefits that will increase your supply chain management and your company’s profitability:

o SaaS saves money. No more problems with software installation or maintenance.

o SaaS reduces IT staff, technology spend and distractions.

o SaaS provides real-time global supply chain intelligence with on-demand reports.

o SaaS improves mobility. Desktop/Laptop compatible, no mainframe computer required.

o SaaS saves deployment time. Have the entire company and all overseas branches upgrade immediately and at the same time.

o SaaS enables instant access to the latest software innovations, logistics supply chain tools and regulatory compliance.

o SaaS promotes supply chain coordination and collaboration. Company departments, customers, suppliers, logistics service providers and partners can contribute and collaborate in real time. And eliminate duplicate data entry across your different locations and departments.

o SaaS helps with confidential control. Assign access permissions based on who needs to know what information. Provide your top executives with complete end-to-end visibility to track and track them, quote pricing, generate performance reports, ensure regulatory compliance, create what-if scenarios, and more.

o SaaS improves network security protection. Built-in global security to protect against malicious threats, hacker attacks and harmful viruses.

o SaaS enables IT budget reallocation and eliminates tedious paperwork. More time and money available to focus on sales, marketing, customer service improvements and profit for the bottom line.

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o SaaS integrates with other enterprise software applications, providing seamless end-to-end visibility into your business performance and profitability metrics.

o SaaS provides instant, real-time information, statistics and reports. Enables supply chain management through Key Performance Indicators KPIs.

o SaaS does not require a large capital outlay. Pay when you go out. Variable monthly fee based on usage.

o SaaS offers scalability. Big and small businesses. You can quickly deploy logistics and regulatory compliance applications that are now much needed to improve your competitive advantage and visibility. Add more SaaS features and modules as your needs grow.

o SaaS can be customized. Quickly adapt to your specific operational, sales, administrative and accounting needs. Screen views, reports and communications mimic how you want to manage your business and logistical supply chain.

SaaS Software-as-a-Service offers the best supply chain management technology at a price you can afford, delivering the results you need to maintain productivity, visibility, and profitability. If your current supply chain software doesn’t give you the tools you need for on-demand management; or failing to provide the coordination and collaboration you desire; and are more of a distraction and problem than the results, maybe it’s time to look at software-as-a-service supply chain management.