SAP Business One: Simplified ERP for medium-sized companies – highlights for consultants

The world of corporate MRP systems is full of surprises. If in the late 1990s large ERP market players: Oracle, SAP tried to implement the strategy of releasing so-called “light”, “select”, “express” versions of their high-end ERP – the idea is very simple and attractive – If your enterprise ERP application could be written on a CD (or CDs) – why not try the game if you disable 70% of the functionality and release a “lite” version? The real world somehow accepted and at the same time rejected this top-down movement – how funny it would be to realize, but the problem was – this is still the same fast-moving ERP application and its implementation cycle is of course reduced, but not essential and not enough , to be suitable for medium and small businesses. Also—these heavyweight applications targeted super and mini computers as Intel-based servers matched and surpassed the performance (and more importantly, price efficiency) of these “high-end” computers—the need for multiple operating systems and DB platforms to support exist.

o SAP Business One. SAP recognized the need to acquire a simple yet powerful MRP/ERP system that featured a simple design and therefore a shortened implementation cycle. The all-in-one license type idea is also innovative and probably helps the marketing campaign. SAP Business One, when marketed by an original software development provider from Israel, was not a serious competitor to Microsoft or Oracle – until SAP bought it and revamped its marketing campaign.

o Modern design. SAP Business One includes the CRM module, it is (at least for the moment) well integrated with Microsoft Office. Please note that SAP Business One is not (currently) a subject of the Mendocino project – mySAP integration with Microsoft Office/Outlook.

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o Production/Manufacturing. Although it is aimed at small and medium-sized customers, SAP BO has production/ERP modules, which makes it attractive for foreign production sites of multinational companies.

o Support for COM objects. At the moment (2006) that’s cool, but Microsoft Business Solutions proposes the argument against SAP Business One – unless SAP develops its own office solution or at least invests in working with Microsoft towards office applications – SAP Business One could until Losing ground technologically in 2010.

o Simplified MRP. We have already published the idea of ​​using simplified ERP for corporate business, the crucial thing is a reliable database platform (MS SQL Server is quite cheap and very reliable nowadays). The idea is very simple – if you are a company and feel like you should be in a feature rich ERP space – implement a simplified MRP that has the same reliability parameters but requires a custom design to match yours fit business processes.

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