SAP B1 – Business One ERP software system

The software system SAP B1 or SAP Business One differs from other SAP products because it was specially developed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The main advantage of this software is its low cost and shortest installation time. SAP B1 consists of the basic modules and the implementation can be easily achieved when an organization’s business process conforms with the SAP B1 architecture. Due to many changes in the organization, the implementation may take more time.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is integrated into SAP B1 and does not exist as a separate module as in other ERP products. This software requires Microsoft Outlook to provide the automated marketing feature. Reports are generated using Vision, third-party software.

The Financial Management module of SAP B1 is designed to be suitable for other project-based companies. It allows unlimited budget allocation and generates flexible reports.

This software can lead to problems in the production module since the functions only relate to the MRP. Various other manufacturing companies are integrating this software with N’ware to further leverage SAP B1. SAP B1 offers a more comprehensive sales module than the manufacturing module with group pricing, flexible pricing, inventory management and multiple price lists. However, this software lacks the time period view of the stocks.

The purchasing module of SAP B1 manages the business transactions related to purchase orders, manages the contracts with suppliers, tracks the inventories, returned products and payments from customers. This module also helps users to calculate the price of the imported materials.

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SAP B1 uses third-party services from Vision software and Crystal Reports to design reports. They help generate reports on all business operations, including sales and accounting. The SAP B1 user interface is user-friendly and includes drag-and-drop tools. This software system allows for customization where additional fields and tables can be added.

SAP B1 ERP easily integrates with other SAP applications and allows for easy software upgrades when needed. This ERP can run on Microsoft operating systems and supports Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 databases. The price of the software is affordable, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Although the initial cost of installation may seem low, it can prove expensive in the future.