Sales Automation Software

Sales is an essential aspect of any business. If there are no sales, there is no profit and the company must die. On the other hand, if the expansion of sales activities is not managed properly, trouble will quickly arise. Effective sales management has been supported by Sales Force Automation software for more than a decade.

Sales automation software belongs to the business class of software. It is similar to CRM (Contact Relationship Management) software, but unlike CRM, it focuses first on the sales process and then on managing sales contacts.

Basically, sales automation deals with activities like taking and processing sales orders, managing inventory, tracking people and sales campaigns performance, analyzing past market trends to forecast for the future, managing promotions and campaigns, etc.

There are hundreds of ready-made field service automation software programs on the market and there are offerings for businesses of all sizes – from large multinationals to medium-sized businesses to small corner shops. Also, there are solutions that target specific industries – consumer goods, tech sales, financial services, real estate, etc.

Not that this abundance makes the choice of sales automation easy. For all types of business software, there is hardly a universal solution that fits every individual company. Sometimes it turns out that it is easier to write a software solution from scratch than to adapt a commercial product to the needs of a specific company.

Because of this, custom development of field service automation solutions is becoming increasingly popular. Custom solutions allow adding new functionality, such as web or mobile access, or integrating the sales automation module with the company database or ERP system.

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