Resume writing services make job hunting easier with the right tools

I suspect you’ve probably thought about hiring one of these services, or are in the process of hiring one. Here are a few pointers.

Remember that not all resume writing services are created equal. Anyone can open a business and claim to be a resume writing service. So you need to know how to identify the ones that are legitimate and can actually help you present a professional image and get you a great job.

Resume Writing Services Professional Affiliation = Increased Security

There are 2 actual professional organizations that encompass resume writing services. You should look out for these first as you are guaranteed a certain level of trust and quality. If a writer creating your resume belongs to this group, that’s a pretty good start.

Make sure you get as many revisions as needed until you’re satisfied. This is a must, or you’ll end up with a profile that basically says ‘fuck!’ is. If the work is guaranteed, then everything is fine.

“Do you need a cover letter?”

How about a cover letter for you? Some resume writing services include one, but I’ve found that quite a few services just use standard services they have and make you think that’s a valuable bonus.

You should ask about it.

An alternative to this is to use a resume writing package that gives you many options for resume templates and cover letter templates. The creators of these packages did the hard work so you don’t have to – they basically fill in the blanks. This saves you money while expanding your ability to present and reinvent yourself, a valuable skill no matter the economy.

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