QuickBooks Hosting – Why it pays to have QuickBooks hosted by an Application Service Provider

QuickBooks Hosting is part of a growing trend of cloud hosting services. As cloud computing becomes more accepted as a platform for virtualizing your IT infrastructure, application service providers are becoming increasingly relevant in their efforts to simplify the way we manage our IT resources. This technology is particularly relevant for small and medium-sized businesses that want to reduce their start-up time or that do not want to invest much in their IT infrastructure and do not want to incur additional costs in their management. This process of cloud hosting is becoming more and more important since IT may not be a company’s core business and therefore leaving it to specialized application providers is never a bad option, especially when the costs are much lower.

Technology forecasters such as Gartner and Foresters have predicted a very rosy picture of the cloud hosting phenomenon, and an estimate by Gartner Inc. predicts that by 2012 about 80% of Fortune 1000 companies will have some type of cloud computing-based service be obtained. It’s not without reason that Microsoft, IBM, Google, Amazon, and Yahoo have been pushing cloud companies in a big way.

In the context of cloud hosting, let’s see what advantages it offers to small businesses. One is ease of implementation as you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware or software for cloud computing implementation. In addition, it is very quick because it is delivered ready-made. Therefore, hosting services are more reliable as huge data centers and technical experts allow for complete security and trouble-free operation of your IT infrastructure.

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Now we’re going to look at the benefits of cloud hosting in the context of small business accounting needs and see how an Application Service Provider can make implementation really easy, not just for the CPAs but for their customers as well. One thing you need to understand is that with QuickBooks hosting, your licensed software gets installed and run on the ASP servers instead of running on your infrastructure. This means that it is also managed by them and you access a service on your terminal as a simple desktop application, just like a file on your desktop. This makes your job really easy as you don’t have to invest in the IT infrastructure requirements and the security aspect of the backup, which is now the responsibility of the service provider.

With the enhanced security that QuickBooks Hosting offers comes reliability, and with the option of full, always-available technical support, just admire the way your day-to-day technical problems have disappeared in relation to the issues in your IT infrastructure . Of course, QuickBooks Hosting comes at a price, but you also have to compare the huge cost you would have incurred installing all versions of the software and manning them.

By choosing Hosted QuickBooks, CPAs save a lot of time by having anywhere connectivity, a multi-user remote access capability, and simultaneous access to files by the client and the CPAs, which is immensely useful for growing your business while making it more efficient make.

For QuickBooks Hosting data security aspects must not be neglected. Application Service Providers have more experience in ensuring the security of your file transfers than the technical skills of an in-house specialist, in addition to double backups of your data in the fully protected ASP data centers.

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Besides QuickBooks Hosting, you get additional security features like port monitoring, system security services, operational security services, security assessment with customer reports. And application service providers offer not just one service, but many associated facilities, all of which can be useful for a small business. For example, in addition to QuickBooks hosting, ASPs can also offer tax software hosting, server hosting, and many managed services that can help a small business integrate all of its IT-related needs rather than managing them separately.