Pros and cons of web-based time clocks

Web-based time tracking systems are among the newest time management systems available and have numerous advantages over older applications and methods. An old-fashioned time clock really was a labor-intensive device, with all the hard data collection, monitoring, and frequent repairs it required. Online systems are fast and efficient, require no paper and can be accessed and updated remotely. Some workers and businesses may not be suitable for this type of system, particularly in cases of micro businesses with very few employees or single office firms that have little need for remote time clock management.

However, in most other cases, an online time clock is the way to go, especially since such systems allow time data to be recorded anytime, anywhere. As long as the employee has access to a computer terminal, clocking in is easy. Furthermore, since web-based applications allow for numerous standard reports, there is very little data reconciliation for management. With paper-based systems and even internal computerized time and attendance systems, a company needed all kinds of complicated software to manage payroll.

Web-oriented time clock applications are easy to set up and install. Online timesheets do not require any software installation on the part of the company using the system. Employees simply log on to their computer to clock in or out. Companies using web-based systems do not need to devote valuable IT resources to managing the payroll and timekeeping systems.

Managers who choose web-based time tracking applications can eliminate time-consuming tasks like reviewing and approving timesheets. A web-based program quickly catches exceptions, errors, and missed shots in a fraction of the time it would take a human to do the same task. Editing, reviewing and approving working hours online takes minutes instead of hours.

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With the modern threat of security breaches, it’s reassuring to know that web-based time tracking applications are among the most secure systems out there. Most web time systems use highly secure physical storage areas, giving customers 24/7 access to their time data over a computer network.

For smaller businesses that are on the brink of growth, web-based systems are ideal as they allow for growth as they grow. It’s easy to add new employees without having to reconfigure the entire time clock setup. Easily add new employees as they are hired and join the company’s workforce. Web-based time clock systems have many advantages.