Oracle E-Business Suite vs. Microsoft Dynamics AX – Axapta: LATAM & Brazil

In this small article we will only focus on Microsoft Dynamics Axapta (and not Microsoft Dynamics GP and NAV) versus Oracle Financials/E-Business Suite/Applications and localization and implementation in Latin America and Brazil.

o Architecture & Lifecycle. In our opinion, any ERP/MRP package should first be viewed from its architectural foundations and step in its life cycle. The Oracle E-Business Suite should be considered a very mature product and has traditionally held a strong position with corporate constituencies. Oracle Applications design is in transition to the Oracle Fusion project, but you should probably consider it more traditional. Microsoft Axapta/Microsoft Dynamics AX has a modern design (late XX century and early 21 century). Axapta is aimed at upper mid-sized companies and also serves as a high-end ERP for large companies. With modern design – Axapta has the potential to be sold and increase its market share just based on the fact of modern architecture.

o LATAM localization. The localization challenge is not in the translation into Spanish or Portuguese (both Axapta and Oracle Financials are on board), but rather in the adoption of the tax legislation – this is the biggest issue in Brazil, in the Spanish-speaking part of South and Central America Tax localization not so complicated.

o Availability. Oracle E-Business Suite is traditionally available (due to the Oracle campaign in 1990) in LATAM and Brazil, Axapta is spreading in Spanish speaking countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico and is now also available in Brazil (April 2006)

o ERP for offshore manufacturing. With both Oracle and Axapta, you can expect it to be installed and hosted at your HQ, while local implementation and user training should be handled by local consultants in LATAM/Brazil. If you are spread across multiple countries in South America, consider a regional partner (e.g. in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro) who can meet your regional needs through a dedicated call and support center with traveling consultants as needed can operate. In some cases, you may find LATAM consulting rates reasonable and switch head office support to your LATAM Axapta or Oracle E-Business Suite partner.

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