Open source ERP development

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a software solution that supports and monitors all business processes. In other words, ERP is a basic requirement for every business. While the introduction of an ERP system is a costly and time-consuming affair in large companies and corporations, the situation in small and medium-sized companies is completely different. Since implementing heavy ERP software is an expensive option, most small and medium-sized businesses opt for open source ERP development.

Open source ERP offers well-maintained functionality that can support and support all internal business processes. The open source ERP solution was built for free with an easy to understand and easy to use interface. This is why small and medium-sized businesses choose this option. You can easily download the software and customize it according to your wishes and needs. They also come with extensive documentation and support from experienced developers. Below are the benefits of using open source ERP:

  • There is no license fee
  • Open Source ERP has extensive functions
  • It is coupled with a healthy data model
  • It is supported by an energetic development community
  • Open Source ERP receives frequent updates and broad support
  • It’s scalable
  • It has a flexible open architecture
  • The operating costs are very low

Below are the best open source ERP tools:

Open Bravo: Openbravo is one of the most powerful open source ERP solutions that offers greater support from a large network of partners, especially from European countries. This solution offers an eye-catching, modern user interface, which is the main advantage of this system. The tool also offers a manufacturing module as an integral part of the ERP solution. It offers accounting, warehousing, administration, sales and point of sale.

BACA JUGA:  Open source accounting software

Fulfill: With almost a million downloads, Compiere is one of the most popular and well-established open source ERP solutions. This ERP solution is supported by a strong network of developers and partners. Because of this, many consider this system to be the future of ERP solution to take you and your business to the next level. This solution supports point of sale, warehouse management, accounting, project management and e-commerce.

Fulfill: Adempire is a Compiere spin-off project. This ERP solution is designed to take Compiere to new heights. In addition to all the features of Compiere, this solution also offers a free web-based user interface and manufacturing module.

postal books: Postbook is a sister project to OpenMFG, a manufacturing-oriented software tool. It offers accounting, CRM solution, an integrated purchasing module and warehouse management.

Opentap: Opentaps is built on the Apache OFBiz foundation. This comprehensive ERP solution offers CRM, point of sale, warehouse management, online shop and accounting at once. Opentaps is relatively new compared to other open source ERP solutions, but it is already showing great potential to become a big player in this field and has a bright future.