Online marketing tools for entrepreneurial success

Marketers and business owners now have a wide range of tools at their disposal, but with so many different options, they can prove to be a daunting task. An infographic created by ExpertCircle offers expert advice on their favorite online marketing tools to implement in your business. Here are some of the recommended tools and how they can be used in your business.


Recommended tools: MailChimp, SpyFu, and HubSpot

Marketing software can help you target your advertising to your target audience. Email marketing software like MailChimp allows you to use the customer information you collect to generate segmented advertising via email. SpyFu is a search engine marketing tool that can analyze competitor’s online advertisements to help with your website’s SEO. It does this by examining factors such as the keywords they buy, the ads they show on Google, and other such statistics. HubSpot is a comprehensive inbound marketing software that offers an integrated platform to manage your online marketing.


Recommended tools: HighRise, LeadManager, BidSketch

These tools help your business create and track quotes, follow leads, and manage your sales team’s performance. They are very useful in situations where marketing information doesn’t translate into sales. LeadManager and HighRise are software that allows you to coordinate and prioritize requests made with your sales team and report on their success. With BidSketch you can quickly create personalized offers for your customers and obtain their approval online via electronic signatures.


Recommended tools: Expensify, Wave Accounting

These will automate the process of accounting and report generation. Expensify enables detailed tracking of employee expenses, creation of expense reports and coordination with accounting. Wave Accounting is a very helpful tool for small businesses that fully automates bookkeeping by tracking PayPal and bank accounts, generating reports like tax sheets and bank statements, and handling invoicing and payroll functions.

BACA JUGA:  Managing office supplies for a large organization


Recommended tools: UserTesting, JIRA, Mixpanel

These tools can help with online analytics, feedback monitoring, performance management, and product planning and tracking. UserTesting provides usability testing for online businesses, JIRA helps software development teams closely coordinate projects and allows for easy management of issues, and Mixpanel allows for in-depth analysis of data collected through your website.


Recommended tools: Trademarkia, DocuSign, LegalZoom

These tools are designed to help a company with its legal problems. Trademarkia allows you to search all registered trademarks and get information and reviews about trademarks. DocuSign lets you create and digitally sign legally binding agreements, and LegalZoom offers an online service to help people create their own legal documents.