Online chat – good and bad at the same time

Internet users can share information with each other by chatting online. Internet users have many options to chat online with people from all over the world. You can opt for text messaging, voice chatting, and video chatting. Chatting is an exciting way to connect with the online world. It has both advantages and disadvantages which are discussed below:

Benefits of Chatting

1. Connect with everyone: Chatting allows users on the Internet to meet and connect with new people online. Internet users can write, share and talk about anything with people who connect with them.

2. Have fun: Many people are bored at home because they do the same old things every day and they want to get out of the boredom; so they chat for fun.

3. Inexpensive means of communication: Chatting on the Internet is an inexpensive and useful way to communicate with friends or family members. Therefore, it helps people who live far away from their friends and families.

4. Protect Identities: Internet users can choose a nickname to chat with people online if they want to hide their real name from people on the Internet.

5. Boosts Confidence: There are people in our world who find it very difficult to talk to people face to face. Chatting offers such people useful resources to help them communicate and build trust.

Disadvantages of Chatting

1. Hidden Identities: An internet user can chat online with another person under a false identity, either for fun or to hide their real self. This disadvantage applies to a text and voice chat.

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2. Birth of Slang Words: People who chat online like to respond quickly to one or more participants; Therefore, abbreviate their messages and invent slang terminologies. For example LOL (laugh out loud). The birth of slang words does not bode well for linguistics, as slang terms have no respect for a language.

3. Communication Gap: People’s emotions can be felt with a tone of voice (voice chat) and a face (video chat), but a person who is online cannot discern the emotions of an Internet user posting text messages. Text chats create a communication gap between people communicating with each other. Hence, people should be extra careful while sending text messages.

4. Sharing information is dangerous: There are people on the internet who are hiding the truth about them. You can use personal information about someone for wrongdoing. Therefore, people who chat online should never share their personal information, including their cell phone numbers, addresses, and photos, with anyone on the internet. However, if a person agrees online to meet someone in person, they should inform their relatives before meeting that person.

5. People go offline without warning: People can go offline without warning while chatting online.