Online business software solutions can help minimize the impact of the school summer vacation

The school holidays are fast approaching – a full six weeks, during which parents are faced with the challenge of finding increasingly imaginative ways to keep the children entertained. Small business owners who double-up as parents often face the biggest challenge of all — because the idea of ​​taking an extended vacation is simply prohibitive for many. So how do you balance the problem of child care without hurting your business?

We don’t pretend that we have all the answers – after all, work-life balance is something that every parent, whether employee or entrepreneur, has had to grapple with for ages. However, with the increasing advent of remote work and technological advances in cloud computing systems in areas such as online accounting software, it is now possible to work from home more efficiently than ever before.

Here are just a few ways you can free up childcare time this summer without losing focus on your business:

1. If you’re housebound – organize your home office

There’s no doubt about it – when the school holidays arrive it’s going to be a headache to go to the office unless you have a really good childcare support network. Find out and set up your home office in advance so that you are ready to go right after the holidays. Find a quiet room (or a quiet corner if you can’t spare an entire room) to set up your computer, bring important files home, and make sure your office workers know they’re transferring calls to your cell or landline be able. Make sure the whole family knows this is a workspace so your records don’t get covered in well-meaning crayon art or sticky jam sandwiches! Finally, make sure your important business software is accessible from home. The easiest way to do this is to make the most of cloud computing solutions that store your software remotely rather than on your computer – such as B. Online accounting software and remote file storage. Make the most of this innovation and work from home as efficiently as you do in the office!

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2. Traveling with the kids? Make the most of your mobility

We know that during the school holidays parents are more challenged than ever to transport their children to events, parties and trips. While many of these are family occasions, it’s often the case that parents spend a lot of time sitting around, either waiting for events to end or just keeping track of what’s going on. Bring your laptop and wifi dongle and use the time to answer emails and keep track of your finances, which you can do with online accounting software

3. Find the time to make your working hours more flexible

As excited as children can be during the holidays, at some point they need to sleep. This is the ideal time to catch up on the day’s work – and with the right software you can do it from home. Online accounting software is designed for quick sign-up and instant access to all your financial information. Even if you can buy just a few minutes of precious time before the little ones wake up again, you can make the most of that time you have – like e.g. B. accessing up-to-the-minute debtor information and sending tracker emails to keep your bank balance healthy.

We know that running a business is often a 24/7 job – so adding bored kids into the mix will prove even more of a challenge. However, with the right advice, online software solutions and a little planning, it’s possible to keep your family happy and your business afloat during the holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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