Office Phone – Traditional Phone vs. Cloud PBX

Today’s business telephony communication is a constant battle between a traditional telephony platform and a cloud PBX. Businesses are torn between the two options, going with the established traditional platform or opting for the newer and more affordable cloud PBX office phone. To help you decide, below are some key points of comparison between the two solutions.

Cost – Savings are evident VoIP office phone systems come out on top. On average, businesses can save 50% on their phone bills compared to using traditional telecom solutions. Savings often come from cheaper line rentals, cheaper calling costs, and no monthly fees for basic features like callers and the like. Aside from that, it’s also a lot cheaper to set up as you don’t have to buy any hardware other than the actual handsets.

Maintenance and Uptime – VoIP office phone system maintenance outperforms traditional phones. Because you use less hardware, maintenance costs and labor are also reduced. Everything happens at the remote server level, so cost is not an issue for you. When it comes to uptime reliability, traditional telecom solutions cannot be questioned. You can always pick up the phone and expect your phones to run smoothly. However, VoIP isn’t far behind either if you’re able to pick a good provider. It’s a good idea to go with a provider that has a backup server and network in place so that if the primary server fails, failover is set up.

Features – Both solutions come with tons of features, you have a menu system, an IVR and so on.

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However, the advantage must lie with VoIP. Since it uses servers and the Internet, it is more flexible and features such as multiple locations are possible. This means you can locate any handset in any part of the world as long as there is internet and it works as if you are in the office.

Quality – Analog phones or traditional PBX have been used for a long time because of the quality they offer and no one can doubt it. However, VoIP can actually offer the same call quality, or maybe even better, provided you can acquire a good internet connection. A stable internet is key, and if you’re able to secure one, you can expect enterprise-grade quality every time you pick up the phone, otherwise the solution may not be right for you.