Office Hoteling System and the Mobile Workforce

Traditional office setup no longer works for some tech-savvy and mobile workers. Businesses are considering converting their traditional office spaces into open floor plans set up like Facebook, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Citi, Lego and most contact centers where they have implemented an open office layout.

The DeskFlex office hotel system and flexible remote worker programs provide a tangible foundation for increased employee productivity and reduce real estate spending costs. If you are considering adopting an open office floor plan for your business, the key to office management success is a combination of a proactive approach and the right office hotel software. The office hotel system offers the flexibility most agile workers expect from their employment.

employee development

Several room booking software developers will offer the ease of use of their desk hoteling software. DeskFlex offers a variety of access options for employees. The DeskFlex desk hotel system allows administrators and employees to choose their workspace for the day, the week or on demand.

Admins can create tiers to allow some employees to reserve only one meeting room and one conference room. Users can access calendars and tools for everyday office productivity with DeskFlex room booking software integrations.

Employees can make reservations through their web browsers, corporate network systems, and downloadable mobile apps. You can create team meetings or corporate events via Outlook, MS Exchange and Office 365 integrations and send invitations via email and text messages.

room visualization

Remote workers can make seat reservations using a 3D floor plan map that DeskFlex Office Hoteling can provide. The interactive chart can display color-coded dots showing real-time desk or office space availability.

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Reports and Analysis

DeskFlex office hoteling software can generate the reports and analysis of your mobile workers’ activities when checking in and out of the office. This general report allows site administrators to determine which areas of the office are heavily used and which workstations are underutilized.

Optimize your property

Organizations can use DeskFlex office hoteling software to visualize which rooms need to be upgraded, enhanced, downsized or removed. With data from your remote and flexible workers, you can improve space utilization according to employee activity. As your agile workforce comes into the office to collaborate more, you can remove cubicles and expand collaboration spaces, coworking spaces, and virtual phone booths.

Mobile apps for the mobile worker

Mobile apps give your always dynamic teams more flexibility. With DeskFlex Hoteling Management, users can monitor available hotel space and make room and device reservations directly with just a few taps. The DeskFlex mobile app can also provide a QR code that employees can scan on the FlexCube to enable contactless office check-in and check-out. The DeskFlex mobile app can also be synced with Bluetooth beacons to facilitate desk check-in.

DeskFlex desk hoteling software provides the complete office management solution businesses need. Whether they have permanent employees or remote workers in their company, they can optimize their office resources with the DeskFlex office hoteling system.