Microsoft Dynamics GP Chicago – customization, integration, verification of data conversion

Microsoft Great Plains or its new brand name within the Microsoft Dynamics family of products – Microsoft Dynamics GP is one of the leading ERP packages where the Microsoft Office/Outlook integration is very robust and advanced. Plus GP has a huge customer base in the US, Canada, South and Central America. In this small article we would like to highlight for you the Microsoft GP implementation, customization, reporting, dexterity and development of eConnect integrations.

Microsoft Great Plains Technology Highlights:

o eConnect. As the successor to Microsoft Dexterity, eConnect offers e-commerce developers the key to the realm of GP objects. eConnect can create/move sales order processing documents from your website to GP as well as integrate your buying business partners by moving orders. eConnect provides interfaces to most GP objects, with the exception of rarely used modules such as invoicing

o GP Business Portal. Web-based interface, as you probably know, major MRP applications such as Oracle eBusiness Suite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are moving towards the web interface. The advantage is obvious – you can access the Business Portal from practically anywhere in the world (where you have an Internet connection, or even offline if you can use replication technology, for example in MS CRM Outlook client) / Strategic trend – The business logic of Microsoft Dynamics GP is gradually being moved to the Business Portal: employee self-service, purchase requisitions, expense log, to name just a few

o GP skill “fat” client. Surprisingly, this technology is still popular from the good old days and something where our consultants spend a lot of time optimizing ERP and training end users

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o SQL Server Reporting Services. Microsoft used to recommend Great Plains Crystal Reports, but with version 9.0, SRS has become the reporting tool of choice. The advantage of SRS is probably related to Microsoft’s policy of entering the reporting business. Especially on the Microsoft SQL Server platform

o Microsoft Dexterity. This is the heart of the legacy Great Plains Dynamics / eEnterprise / Dynamics C/S+ ERP software. Programming Dexterity source code requires that your developers have been trained to locate and provide DINAMICS.DIC Sanscript Dexterity code. This technology allows you to modify “fat” client logic while still maintaining control over the SQL Server database “service” logic, such as: B. DEX_ROW_ID columns