Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution – Do what a good ERP does

MS Dynamics AX is an ERP that can do everything a good ERP should do. The solution is a perennial favorite. It provides enough benefits for a business to get the basics right and move on to bigger things.

1. Axapta offers a layered architecture that helps an organization be more agile and better adapt to rapidly changing requirements.

2. The ERP software offers both discrete and process-based manufacturing functionalities.

3. Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution leverages best industry practices and vertical market processes through its business process library.

4. It offers seamless Microsoft Office integration with Excel, Word, Outlook and Dynamics CRM via a single click.

5. It provides the end user with a corporate portal that encourages both internal and external collaboration. This means companies can share both upstream and downstream information to simplify production and delivery.

6. MS Dynamics AX offers a full suite of free tools. Other offerings include management reporters, dashboards, balanced scorecards, data warehousing, and OLAP.

7. Its role-based configuration facilitates dashboard creation of specific user functions such as Kanban planning visualization, data flows, workflows and task lists.

8th. It offers constant global ERP support through its multi-language and multi-currency capabilities.

9. As one of the best enterprise resource planning software, it is backed by a very strong global partner network and happens to be one of the top contenders in the midrange ERP market.

10 It has a very simple and familiar interface, eliminating the need for any kind of training.

There are other reasons why it is known as the best enterprise resource planning software.

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1. It relieves organizations. You can focus more on business instead of wasting valuable time learning the ins and outs of new applications.

2. It helps to work with great commitment. It offers an intuitive and role-specific user interface and role centers that help employees to be better organized and prioritize. You can access the data within minutes.

3. The solution’s self-service business intelligence and reporting tools help make smarter business decisions. These help analyze data through Dashboard KPIs and Performance Point Server.

4. Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution integrates well with Microsoft Office. The end user experiences the best of both the ERP solution and the Office applications.

5. It helps build strong employee connections and relationships with customers and partners through unified collaboration tools.

There is so much for people from all walks of life. The Microsoft Dynamics Services Provider that comes by for an installation will explain better.

If there is a benefit to be highlighted for each functional area, it is given below:

1. For executives, Axapta helps them become more successful with project deliveries.

2. For those dealing with finance and accounting, it helps improve financial control.

3. For those involved in project management, it helps improve resource planning.

4. For sales and marketing professionals, it helps gain deeper insights into customers and prospects.

5. For IT and systems professionals, it helps to eliminate disparate IT systems.

As already mentioned, there is something for everyone.