Medical Manager billing software for a small private medical practice

Medical Manager Billing Software is an effective and efficient IT solution for a resident doctor to manage a start-up or smaller medical practice more successfully. With the right software, you can take better care of your patients and spend less time on administrative tasks. This would result in a more satisfying doctor-patient relationship and better service from medical and administrative staff. The beauty of this system for doctors in small practices is that many are offered with no upfront cost and are a free download for a trial period.

When determining the best type of medical billing software for your automation, you must spend valuable time researching free and commercial billing and coding/EHR/practice management software reviews around the web. You need to compare the software solutions of some of the top rated for 2011 like Lytec Medical Billing Software, MPMSoft, Medisoft Medical Billing Software, AdvancedMD, CollaborateMD and Total MD. You can then schedule a free demo with the software development companies that specialize in small medical office automation.

You can choose to take out a service contract with a software company to use an affordable system that offers simple, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use features. It would be to your advantage to identify software that is a hybrid of EHR and practice management that combines with insurance claims and financial management into one. However, some experts suggest that a small office can contract with a software development company that will provide training and assistance in using their system, which includes office management automation as well as e-invoicing, coding, patient handling, clearinghouses, and insurance companies , denial management and appealing claims, etc. at a discounted rate under a negotiated agreement.

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There are software companies that offer to sell their medical management software or an optional alternative to billing services where they charge a certain percentage based on the number of electronic claims in a month, such as B. EZ claim. Many users now want a software solution with the ability to provide insurance settlement, claims monitoring and electronic claim submission using the new electronic claim format and insurance templates.

One software company that has been serving small medical offices for many years is Health Data Services Inc. With its FreeDom IT solutions, the company envisioned its technology as an all-in-one solution for smaller medical offices. It is both an EHR and practice management system. It’s easy to learn and easy to use. You can start right away with a free download and three months of use. If you wish to continue after 90 days of registration, the agreement will incur a minimum fee of $100 per month based on the number of billing requests. This includes your choice of at least 2 optional services such as claim generation and formatting and e-prescriptions.

FreeDOM sends all your electronic claims exclusively through its own HDS clearinghouse. The latter submits claims electronically to large, government, corporate payers and insurance companies. For claims that are not routed to the clearing house, you can use HDS Print and Mail Services. The price for clearing houses is 50 cents per claim.

For ePrescription services, the fee per provider, per year is $37.50 per month for 12 months plus an initial payment of $450. This amount does not count toward the $100 monthly minimum fee.

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Analyzing the low monthly minimum fee of just $100, you will win the benefits in terms of reduced operational costs, faster collections and greater revenue on the financial side, as well as patient satisfaction, safety and protection of your patient database on the patient care side the fees by far predominate. Once your operations have expanded and you already have advanced certified medical manager billing software or whatever the EHR/practice management solution is called, it’s the right time for you to upgrade.