Life’s propositions once presented – "boulwarism" a despicable example

“Now, Dr. Caldwell, what do you think is wrong?”

“I’m not sure… I may need to conduct a more thorough investigation into the problem at hand.”

“Doc, can you please tell me what the problem is…?”

“I do not know.”

“But Doc, what do you know?”

“All I know is… I don’t know. Do you know how many people are willing to admit they don’t know something?”

“No Doc, how many?”

“I do not know.”

Let’s face it… Contracts, agreements, business deals, marketing and administration are an intricate and underappreciated entity in our daily transactions and lifelong businesses. Bureaucracy tends to burn each of the more than two thousand nerve endings that run through our bodies as they bind us in endless paperwork that requires signature after signature. In many cases, everyday contractual work and the business associated with it are not recognized as legally valid and binding and require our undivided attention. We either forget or simply overlook the meaning in it.

Contracts, agreements and other legal documents really govern our existence. Boulwarism is one such entity in the mix of excruciating yet practical responsibilities.

The title was named after a “Lemuel R. Boulware”, of course without reference to this author. He was vice president of General Electric in the 1960s. Mr. Boulware drew up the so-called “Good Faith Contract” for agreements between unions and management. The contract requirements of management and Lemuel Boulware were active participation in deliberations with the intention of finding a basis for settlement, serious efforts to find common ground, and binding agreements on mutually acceptable terms.

Boulware negotiated a “take it or leave it” negotiation technique for this venture in the late 1940s. Using this technique, a company submits a comprehensive contract proposal that includes everything it believes is required or warranted. Implementing this technique allows a company to present a comprehensive contract proposal that, in their opinion, contains everything that is necessary or justified for a negotiation.

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According to the company’s argument, such a form of negotiation eliminates any need for compromise from the employer’s point of view. Such an offer will be made at the outset with the proviso that nothing will be withheld for subsequent trading and staff will be informed that the offer is final. This puts the employer in the untenable position of being unable to negotiate. The NLRB declared an attitude of “Boulwarism” as a breach of tariff obligation. It noted that while the formality of negotiations is respected, there are no illegal or non-mandatory issues, and a clear intention to reach an agreement is shown, there is no serious intention to settle differences and find common ground.

Such an offer will be made at the beginning of a negotiation, with the understanding that nothing will be withheld for subsequent trading, and staff will be informed that the offer is final. This form of negotiation makes compromises superfluous from the employer’s point of view.

Do you remember the Taft-Hartley Act? This particular type of contract and negotiation is detailed in the folds of a new book on the market. Contracts, business law, real estate and other business techniques involving the PC, software, hardware and a few insider secrets for the new learner, beginner, high school and college student and the business or tech professional. The book goes into detail about contracts, agreements, technology and economics. It is highly recommended for anyone involved in the diverse field of day-to-day transactions.

All I know is how you can understand and translate the relationship between business and technology as it presents itself and you will do it too with the help of this reference learning and teaching material. It is available online and wherever books, information and data can be found. Need to know a thing or two about legal and real estate terminology? This is the book where you can find them… I like to have a copy handy. It sits on my reading desk and desk, always to hand for quick reference and answers when needed. It is also very easy to read. Get yours and enjoy.

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When a program or computer isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, we take steps to fix it… we want it fixed. When a person is sick or not behaving as they should, we call a doctor or a certain professional to put things right, right? Well, a patch is what IT professionals (and non-professionals) use to make corrections to a program or computer. They fix the things that are wrong in the program or in the computer. Many would rely on a computer geek to get their PC up and running. It’s one of the reasons IT pros rely on updates to compensate for potential glitches or malfunctions. In the case of the Matrix film, “Neo” can be described as the patch, the thing or program that is broadcast to fix things. One could also interpret the Neo program as the ultimate program or upgrade. What would the purpose of the all-seeing, all-knowing oracle represent? Can it be considered an “Almighty Being”?

The cloud as we know it; a metaphor for the Internet based on how the Internet is represented in computer network diagrams; is a style of computing that deploys dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources. SaaS (Service as a Software) over the Internet, as I mentioned in previous posts, is the driving force.

It definitely takes new tactics and skills to position yourself in the new world of IT, communications and analytics. Sentiment analysis measures sentiment on social networks and is integrated by companies that monitor community-driven websites.

The job creation makes it logical for Microsoft to point to the cloud providers. Tech vendors plan to double their workforce this year. They say cloud and mobile applications are creating millions of jobs in the US.

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I marvel at this bewildering boast; If that’s the case, why is the national unemployment rate at record highs? The unemployment rate in the United States is between eight and ten percent. These numbers are devastating for the US economic system.

Business intelligence (BI) and information technology (IT) go hand in hand virtually, methodically and fundamentally. Students majoring in business, i.e. administration, management, marketing, accounting, etc., will find that BI and IT have become one. One doesn’t work without the other.

What’s the title? Oh yes, it’s called ‘The One Thing I Know is…’

Until next time…