Is a patent attorney required to file a patent application?

Overview: Inventors often ask the question “Do I need a patent attorney to file a patent application?”. The inventor believes that he is able to file the application himself. It’s a costly mistake. Filing a patent is a very complex matter. The application requires a thorough legal knowledge of international and national patent law. It is not possible for an inventor to know the tidbits of the law. Therefore, I recommend the inventor to hire a lawyer for the application.

Qualifications of a Patent Attorney: Patent attorneys have both the technical and legal knowledge to represent the patent owner. Corresponding “Indian Patents Act 1970″A lawyer who has completed basic scientific, engineering and medical studies and passed the patent attorney examination is admitted as a patent attorney. In order to appear in the patent attorney examination, the lawyer must complete professional training at a recognized institute. After passing the exam, the lawyer receives an agent code. The names of all qualified agents will be placed on a registry. When a patent attorney files the application, he must provide the representative identification number.

Duties and obligations of the patent attorney: The agents whose names are on the Register are authorized under the Indian Patent Act-1970 to engage in the following activities.

  • The lawyer must prepare, draft and process the applications related to the case and will proceed before the person in charge.
  • Prepare law enforcement documentation on related issues.
  • Handle issues related to business units.
  • Development and design of strategies for products or developed projects.
  • Resolve and resolve litigation.
  • Maintaining and managing accountability for R&D efforts, licensing and other issues.
  • Negotiate and communicate patent issues with customers and business units.
  • Maintain a database of customer issues and update it regularly.
  • Advising clients on patent matters.
  • Ensure compliance with laws, state and federal laws related to the issues.
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Conclusion: There is a big difference between an invention and the description of an invention. A registration is a detailed description of the invention. However, money can be an obstacle for the inventor. Note that the cost of filing an application through an attorney is negligible compared to the cost required to manufacture and market the invention. My suggestion is that you should investigate the monetization of your invention. If you can convince the lawyer that your invention is marketable, the lawyer can help you to overcome the monetary problem. An inventor shouldn’t smash his life’s dream thinking he can do a better job than a trained professional.

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