IP-based business phone systems could easily replace desk phones

As more and more technologies are developed that revolve around business phone systems, there is a risk that simple handheld phones will be phased out and replaced by new IP phones. Big technology companies like Cisco and Microsoft are definitely looking to increase their sales with communications systems that have been on the market for a long time.

Most of the big companies have switched their business phone systems to VOIP phone systems. Some companies think that the use of this technology bridges telecom and IT. Some of the features like call recording and automatic call distribution help businesses be more efficient. It also allows them more mobile workers, simplifies tracking their locations, and lowers the cost of maintaining landlines.

Experts say choosing office communication tools – from your regular handheld phones to internet-based software like Skype – comes with challenges. User attention tends to be divided, leading to reduced productivity. Researchers recently found that employees tend to become less productive when they have access to many devices.

Many companies have switched to new systems with more convenient functions. Organizing video conferences used to be a hassle; Not only that, but the equipment required usually costs a lot. Only large companies could have had access to these. But now small businesses can have the same experience just by logging in — they don’t have to pay a huge sum for it either.

We call this type of service convergent communication. This includes IMs, emails, headsets and web conferencing together. With easy, one-click access, you can communicate with one another like never before. Microsoft Lync is one type of software that offers this.

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In order to maintain communications revenue, some telecom companies have joined other service providers to offer infrastructure such as internet access. For example, Safaricom has partnered with Cisco to simplify video and voice communications.

If you are planning to purchase an IP-based business phone system, there are a few things to consider. Phone system prices vary depending on how many people need to use it and what type of hardware you are using. You will need various tools, such as headsets for taking calls, a computer for video conferencing, and most importantly, an internet connection.

Upgrading your business phone system can help you in many ways. However, make sure you choose a system that is compatible with the needs of your business.