Hurricanes & Intranets

Although the title of this article might sound like salt in the dessert, with the storm clouds of hurricane season brewing, my thoughts naturally went in that direction. To be honest, the thought is not entirely original, and my thoughts on this topic awoke only after reading another article on this topic.

It is no exaggeration to say that small businesses, running out of small offices or even homes, are hit the hardest by hurricanes. When the roof of your house is flying off or when you’re huddled in a storm shelter, business information isn’t exactly on your mind. But your business suffers, and often you have to pick up the pieces or even start from scratch. Here are some ways that a robust intranet solution can help keep your business together, even when the winds change.

1. Backup – An intranet solution with automatic backups ensures that even if information stored in one location is lost, it can always be retrieved from the secured location. Web-based solutions offer automatic backups and the information on your local servers is never really lost. It is held in secure facilities across the country, giving you peace of mind.

2. Collaborate remotely – Stormy weather can prevent employees from getting into the office facility, but a robust intranet solution ensures that most tasks (collaborating on documents, discussing issues, planning, scheduling projects) can be done by everyone can be done while everyone is working from home.

3. Web Conferencing – Sometimes when the mere exchange of information is not enough, employees can come together and discuss issues verbally via web conferencing integrated into the intranet. It may not be exactly like being together in the boardroom, but it gets the job done.

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4. Extranets – Extranets, which are just an extension of intranets, are a great way to keep the ball rolling when collaborating with customers and partners. The fact that you continue to work on joint projects with hurricanes in the region will certainly strengthen the bond.