How We Helped a Local Consultant Gain More Visibility (and Become a Bestselling Author!)

A case study on Duma leadership

Excuse me if I sound like a broken record, but there are some things that are so important in the world of digital marketing that I can’t say them enough.

First, you need a good website.

And second: A good website is not enough.

Of course, even knowing this, there is a difference between to know and do. And it’s easy for small business owners and entrepreneurs to struggle with information overload when it comes to marketing.

This is also the case with our customer Yvonne Douma.

Yvonne is just about the friendliest and most knowledgeable communications trainer and HR professional you will ever meet.

But she came to us with lackluster marketing materials, which we serve her. She didn’t have any digital marketing strategy and wasn’t sure how to get one.

Yvonne knew something wasn’t working, but she didn’t know how to get where she wanted to be. If only she could connect with the right people, they would see what amazing qualities she brings to the table. And that’s where we came in!

Over the past year, we have helped Yvonne with brand transformation, responsive website design, copywriting, social media marketing and advertising, and content marketing for her professional services company, Douma Leadership.

On top of all these services, we’ve also delivered that absolutely necessary icing on the cake – strategic advice (my favourite!).

Throughout the process, we helped Yvonne clarify her services, her brand, and discover an online voice she is proud to share with the world.

Oh, and we also helped her become a best-selling self-published author (no problem!)

It was a pleasure working with Yvonne and we look forward to even more success together in 2022.

“I had to completely rebrand my company and asked us for help,” she says. “My website is professional, easy to navigate and looks great! Susan and her team have supported, encouraged and challenged me to show myself and have the courage to be seen.”

If you are interested in helping your small business achieve happy people and healthy profits through leadership development, HR consulting and conflict resolution, we highly recommend Yvonne.

And if you want to learn more about how we helped Yvonne develop her online voice to reach more customers, read on!

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Step one: strategy

You wouldn’t assemble an Ikea bookshelf without first consulting the instructions, and that’s just a few planks of wood and a few screws.

Yet many small business owners jump right in at the deep end of the digital marketing pool without even having a plan. Sometimes they can’t even swim!

And this is where corporate marketing strategy consulting comes in.

As a personal business marketing strategy consultant, I personally work with my clients to make their marketing more powerful and effective than ever. I LOVE seeing people have big breakthroughs and finally understand what to do and how to do it (and when those people are as adorable as Yvonne? bonus!).

For Yvonne, this means regular meetings to gain clarity about her business model, define her ideal target market and develop the best marketing strategies for her company.

Yvonne and I still meet regularly and I always look forward to our zoom sessions. We use them to ensure we stay on track and stay innovative.

Step 2: Refining Yvonne’s USP & updating her website

Clients often come to my team with a website and a brand that just isn’t up to date. It was the same with Yvonne, who had already dealt intensively with her online marketing.

Luckily all we had to do was polish her logo, but other than that she had a brand that we both agreed fit her well.

But her old website didn’t serve her. Not only did it look dated, but it didn’t give a full picture of the services and quality Yvonne brings to the table.

So our team got to work and built a responsive and SEO website that explained Yvonne’s unique selling position (USP) much better.

One of the many great things about having a web development company on your side is that your website can be easily updated. Over the months and through our sessions together, Yvonne and I have continued to downsize the brand and develop new and improved services and offerings.

And since we built the website, updating it with new content and services is an easy and hassle-free process.

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Step Three: Create a landing page

Websites are great, of course, but they’re just one type of online property that can help grow a business. That’s why we love to help our clients launch landing pages as well.

A landing page is a standalone, one-page website with a very specific purpose. They are a very useful tool to have in your toolkit.

For Yvonne, we created a landing page around a special webinar she created to help women take back their power in the workplace. To get the free presentation, people had to sign up with their emails.

So the specific purpose of this landing page is to collect email addresses so Yvonne can grow her mailing list. And while we do that, we’re sharing a great resource that will personalize Yvonne and help potential clients get to know, like, and trust her. win-win-win.

Step Four: Encourage, Encourage, Encourage

Even if you have a great SEO website like the one we prepared for Yvonne, it can still take months for it to show up in search results – that’s how Google works.

And most business owners I know are not willing to sit on their hands for a few months!

That’s why we coupled the launch of Yvonne’s website and landing page with a smart social media strategy.

This included carefully curating content for their Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts that showcased their expertise, experience, services and personality. We achieved this through custom graphics as well as a selection of different content.

We also encouraged Yvonne to show herself as much as possible – and when she does, she always achieves great results!

Step Five: The Book

When you have as much knowledge and information to share as Yvonne does, a book is often the logical next step — especially when you’re trying to grow your business and social media following at the same time.

A book is one of the best ways to really connect with potential clients. In that way, it’s an invaluable piece of marketing in its own right. And just having a best-selling book is a great way to establish yourself as an expert (not to mention check a to-do list off your bucket list!).

First of all, a big compliment to Yvonne. You can tell from the first page that REFRAME is an affair of the heart and that Yvonne knows her craft when it comes to relationships and communication. If you could use a blueprint to improve communication skills, we highly recommend checking them out REFRAME: How to change your conversations to resolve these chaotic conflicts.

In addition, marketing a book takes a lot of effort, even if you have a marketing team on your side. We all rolled up our sleeves to market REFRAME this past summer and that effort has paid off. For Yvonne, this meant stepping out of her comfort zone to shoot online videos to promote the book release.

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First we have with (You guessed it), a landing page that we published before launch day. We used it to create excitement, introduce readers to Yvonne, and encourage interested people to sign up for alerts.

Next, we developed a campaign with special bonuses to encourage people to buy on launch day. This included paid social media and Google ads, a concerted email campaign, a press release, and additional organic social media.

The final result? Yvonne shot to the top of the Amazon bestseller list in her category and can now proudly call herself a self-published bestselling author.

And unsurprisingly, REFRAME is rated 5 stars!

Step Six: The sky is the limit

One of the things I love most about my job is how much my clients inspire me. When I think of everything Yvonne has achieved in the past year, I get goosebumps! I am also extremely proud of my team who have worked hard to make Yvonne’s vision a reality.

And of course this vision continues to grow!

We pride ourselves on supporting our customers on all of their unique journeys. Working for yourself is definitely a challenge, which is why it helps to have an award-winning digital marketing agency in your area.

If you could use any help creating your brand, presenting your business and making your dream come true, please contact us! We are a full service agency and are happy to help you just as we helped Yvonne!

for your business success,