How to start your own forex signal website business

Forex trading is becoming increasingly popular among retail traders. Every day we see advertisements on TV and on the internet. The truth is that forex trading is not an easy task, which is very obvious to those who have been trading currencies for at least a few months. Everyone will agree that it is difficult to fight against the huge forex market. And it is even more difficult to make money in forex trading in the long term. This is why 95% of Forex traders struggle to find the “holy grail” trading system, forex robot or forex signals service that makes money in the long run. If you have profitable trading experience, you can sell it to people. If you have your own customers, you will get a lot more sales than you can imagine. A small forex signal website business with just 10 clients paying a small monthly fee of $100 would bring you $1000 in profit every month. Get 100 customers and you’ll have $10,000 in income every month. Yes, it’s that simple. You can set up monthly, weekly, or even daily recurring payments.

Although starting your own forex signals business is not difficult, you still need to do some work and have some money. First, you need special software that can send forex trades to your clients. Luckily, there are several ready-to-use software available online and you can always purchase an unlimited license. Now be wise and careful when choosing software for your forex trading delivery. Such software should come with the control panel website where you and your clients can login to manage their profile information and trading preferences. Typically, client-side software is tied to a single account, so your signals are protected. Client can use software and receive trading signals for only one account. Software is usually automatically locked on first launch, but a customer can easily lock it for another account if needed. But in any case, he/she can only use the software on a single account.

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Trades are delivered to client accounts in 1 second and this ensures the entry price is the same. There will of course still be rare instances where the entry or exit price is different, but this is beyond our control. This happens due to different spreads, slippages, quotes and delays between the forex brokers. Although the best solution is to use the same broker for master and slave accounts, the software allows you to use any broker and is not limited by account type. The software should work on any account including ECN, STP, Dealing Desk, 4 and 5 digit brokers. The software should automatically adapt to the master or slave account it is working on.

The best part is that you can connect your forex signal website to the payment processor of your choice with special plugins. Most popular payment processors are supported, e.g. B. PayPal, ClickBank, Plimus and Click2Sell. With these plugins you can have your payments processed automatically every month. This way you don’t need any human intervention to run your business. As soon as a new customer registers on your website, he/she will receive a welcome message with the login information and the download link. This makes it possible to start using the software and start receiving new trades within minutes.

Your main account should automatically start sending trading signals when clients pay a subscription fee. They are usually automatically billed every month until the subscription is canceled and when they run the client software on their account they automatically receive forex signals. So from there, no human intervention is required and when you make money, your customers make money too.