How to make money on Fiverr

Fiverr was designed to give users the ability to purchase digital services from a range of world-class providers.

It was founded in 2011 and has grown rapidly. In 2015 alone, over 8,000,000 “gigs” were purchased through the platform.

While that sounds great, the big question is whether you can actually make money from it.

To answer this, I find it best to look at the overall size of the market and see where you can make headway with it…

Having worked with a number of people on the platform for the past 5 months, the one I have discovered what determines if someone will be successful is how they are able to do so position your offer.

For most people – and women are particularly bad at this – they will basically list what they can “do” with some examples of previous work.

It might work well for high-profile photographers, but for everyone else, it’s a recipe for disaster.

People want to know how you will advance their business/life, not what you can do.

For example, you may be a “world-class surgeon,” but how does that translate to the type of care you can offer patients? What’s your specialty? What have you done before that other surgeons wouldn’t touch?

In the Western world, we’ve reached a time where social media has pretty much debunked the myth of the “faceless business” – people want to know who They deal with them and want the best services delivered directly to them.

If you are thinking about what you can do with the platform, you have to go through a series of steps to that end:

1. Lead with YOUR experience

The first BIG thing I found is to guide with your experience.

If you have no experience, all you have to do is say that you are eager to learn – the idea is that people will use your services because they want to help you improve etc.

Every time I’ve seen someone succeed on the platform, her always lead with their experience above everything else.

The best providers on the platform are very Specific with what they offer, because they will always mold it around the know-how they have developed in the “real world”.

A big mistake made by many different people is simply trying to sell a service because they think it’s popular (SEO/WordPress design etc.) – that’s a very BAD way of doing things and will usually stunt growth as they don’t give very good results.

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While the initial rush to make money may be good, bad customer reviews will kill all your ambitions. So it pays off in the long run Focus on what you can actually do (not what you think people want to pay for).

2. Look at what’s selling

Some things will be more popular than others – while you shouldn’t “copy” other people’s work, it’s always healthy to see what’s popular and what’s not.

In terms of how you do this, there are two methods:

  • Look at Popular accounts

  • Look at Popular products/services

The first method is to try to identify popular “accounts” on the platform and “reverse engineer” how they have been so successful. This usually opens the door to a look at the various popular “markets” they’ve sold their gigs through:

  • Click Fiverr

  • Select one of the “Topics” in the navigation bar at the top

  • Select a subtopic (make sure both are fairly popular (Digital Marketing > Social Media Marketing)

  • In the Seller Rating section of the left menu, select Tier 2 + Best Rating

  • Also, enter at least $100 in the “Price Range” section

  • Make sure the listings are ordered by “Best Selling” and click on the ones that seem popular

  • If you find something appealing, click on the seller’s “Profile”.

  • This gives you an overview of the entire portfolio of gigs

The second method is to search for products/services that are popular across the board. While you shouldn’t be generic in your offering, you need to be able to consider the “language” your audience wants to communicate through.

  • Click Fiverr

  • Select one of the “Topics” in the navigation bar at the top appeals to your experience

  • Pick a subtopic that resonates with you further

  • Make sure the listings are sorted by “Best Seller”.

  • Scroll through and look for the little number after the starting rating

  • For example, you can have 5 stars + “1k”.

  • The “1k” represents the number of people who bought the Gig and left a good review

  • It directly indicates the popularity of the gig and thus if it’s something to consider

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As previously mentioned, these two methods should only be used to get a “location of the country” – some basic research that should give you more ideas about what’s popular on the platform.

3. Create your own DEMAND offers

After doing the above, you must consider making an offer as needed.

Demand is a charged word; The key is that most people just want to know what you’re going to do for her.

The problem is that most people will just try to tell you either what they “do” or what they think you want to hear. That does not work.

What works is a system for “offering” your services in a way that people immediately understand the underlying benefits to their business.

For example, one of my Fiverr profiles specializes in computer repairs.

Computer repairs are not the most attractive market right now, nor is it the most common. Back in the ’90s, being a “PC repair” guy was big money…not in 2018.

So to create a “demanded” supply (because computers are still being used – even more so than they were in the 90’s – just in different ways), you need to focus on where the “demand” is:

  • Worpress repairs

  • Cloud VPS deployment and management

  • Shopify fixes

Well, while these are fine – the BIG problem here is that there isn’t much demand for them. People don’t “want” to buy them.

Which people want pay for the reasons “why” they use the above software packages – traffic, growth + revenue.

How to wrap everything you do in the packaging of “growth”…

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  • Build a SAAS subscription business with Cloud VPS

  • Boost Shopify Sales With These 3 Theme Customizations

There is obviously an art to this – if you can do it effectively, you can attract orders from a large number of buyers.

4. Understand what people are buying

Obviously people are buying a repair/upgrade – but at its core, you have to understand that most people won’t be willing to send you money for mediocre service; You want something extraordinary.

Exceptional doesn’t mean “quality” – it means “results”.

So when you consider the process of collaborating with clients (when you receive orders) you must do absolutely everything to advance their business/life.

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As discussed above, things like wrapping what’s on offer in underlying outcomes (for them), going the extra mile to help them understand what you’ve done, or simply doing more than they expected – when you treat your customers with respect and Treat energy, you will Start getting decent reviews.

Those good reviews are what *should* drive the growth of the service.

5. Make sure the “backend” is handled properly

If you want to break into the big leagues, it’s imperative to ensure your business has the capacity to handle an increasing number of orders.

While it may be nice to get 5 new orders, if you want to keep your momentum going, you need to think about what handling 500+ orders will be like.

To that end, one of the best things you can do is focus on how the “back end” of your business is managed.

Things like integrating Trustpilot, creating a YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc. are all small things to keep customers in your “loop” (and thus have the ability to keep your “in-demand “ to continue to provide services at a later date). .

In the sales world, it’s known as a “funnel” – the deeper the customer goes, the more valuable they become.

Of course, you need to respect everyone’s ideas, etc. – but from a purely pragmatic perspective, you need to be able to think about how you continue to “recycle” the buyers that Fiverr brings.

If you do this effectively — which can include anything from setting up a CRM system to integrating email marketing campaigns with your services — you’ll end up seeing exponential increases in sales.

How you handle that growth depends on your experience/temperament – but the gist is that if you’re willing to focus on demand, the business is out there.

As mentioned, I made $2,500 with my boyfriend on Fiverr in my first month – and have since worked on a series of offers on two of my own profiles.

If you follow the steps above, you’ll be ahead of 98% of people starting out on the platform.