How to choose the most effective web store builder?

It is a known fact today that it is quite easy to create your own online store using the various free online store builder apps available in the market. But can you trust any software program to create your website just because it’s free? Unfortunately the answer is no. You have to be very careful while choosing such applications because in reality they can make or break your business. Never blindly trust the first result you get when you google “create online store” as it may not yield the most reliable option. There are several criteria for a free online store builder application to serve its purpose. Here are some of them listed below for your convenience.


The free tool you choose should provide you with a significant number of theme options, if not many, so that you can incorporate an attractive theme that will grab users’ attention and thereby increase your user traffic volume. Better CSS templates, scripts, etc. should all be supported.

Product categorization and variants:

If you have an online store that sells shoes, just showcasing a product with its price is not going to garner much fanfare from users as it requires better product options like size, color, style, etc. You should choose a web store builder that allows you to integrate such features into your websites.

Warehouse and Inventory:

Just because you have a tool for your store’s front-end doesn’t mean it’s of particular use. The free online store builder application you choose should offer a clean backend interface that allows store owners to manage and handle stock levels and inventory options as well. Without proper inventory control, it will be difficult to run any type of retail business and you could face big losses soon.

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Payment processing:

Obviously, any retail store would involve online or offline payments from customers. The shopfitting application you choose should provide a convenient and secure interface for customers. You would be concerned about sensitive financial information being transmitted to you and therefore it is your duty to ensure maximum security in your business. All major online payment gateways should be integrated into your store with additional security firewalls, encryption techniques, etc. Even PayPal authorized payment gateways should be deployed to make shopping as easy as possible for customers.

Optimized for search engines:

There is no point in setting up a good online store if no one notices it when they search online. Your free online store builder application should provide a website that follows strict SEO principles. If this is the case then you will have no problem getting page views for your website.

Promotional offers:

The store builder should also allow the website to display promotions like coupon codes, discounts, etc. to attract more shoppers.

Hopefully you are now aware of the requirements of an effective web store builder and would wisely invest in one if you even intend to launch an online retail business anytime soon.