How security checks work

People often ask the question, “How do I get a security clearance?” Or how can my company get one?”

My first answer is to market yourself. There is nothing you can do to get a clearance until someone sees the value of your product or service and sponsors the company for a security clearance.

Valuable is simply someone who has a specific need for a specific product or service and wants to enter into that already classified contract with you in order to be able to use your products or services.

There are many jobs that require security clearance or services, and some of these jobs include janitorial services, engineering services, secretarial services, and more. There are many ways to get a security clearance. However, you can’t just get a security clearance in preparation for work. The job offer comes first.

The first step is to be sponsored by a federal government agency, government contract agency (GCA), or other contract or defense contract. Once a business entity has identified a need, it can be sponsored for a security review.

Government contractors receive classified contracts as part of their business operations

A few years ago I was on a radio tv radio talk show and really couldn’t say much because the talk show hosts kept recounting their surprise that the government was allowing companies to get security clearances and work secretly on their work and theirs Opinion. In their opinion, there was no oversight and it was irresponsible to allow anyone other than a government agency to have classified information.

I spoke as much as I could on the subject, but I was shouted down. There was no point in bringing up the irrational thought there, but I just wanted you to know that yes, civilian employees and civilian business units can have security clearance.

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The way it works is the GCA, which is a federal agency like the Department of Defense or the Department of Energy. You have a contractual need to purchase services or products from contractors. But let’s go back real quick. The GCA is a designated originating classification authority, meaning it has the ability to classify information. At the highest level, the US President is the original classification authority. However, the President of the United States does not go through a preliminary investigation. Because of their position, they enjoy the benefits of authorization to do their job as President.

They delegate their OCA responsibilities to the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, the CIA, the FBI, and all these other government organizations. The government organizations are the ones who keep secret what is secret. Contractors or civil organizations do not do this. They are so-called derivative classification authorities. You can only use and produce things that are already classified.

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