How event software increases your efficiency and lowers your costs

Reducing the number of events you host is one way to deal with budget cuts. However, automating some of the event processes involved is a more proactive and effective way to manage budget cuts. Most organisers, whether in a local authority or in the commercial events market, simply want to do more for less, and implementing an online events software solution can help them achieve this by:

  • Reduction of personnel costs through the automation of processes
  • Promoting a paperless office by implementing a fully web-based solution
  • Accurate monitoring and management of budgets and costs
  • Time savings through integration with all internal business applications
  • Implementing an unlimited user location license that can be used across multiple services/disciplines
  • Providing multiple deployment options with low installation costs

Event efficiency and ROI

Events managers in both the commercial market and within local government can improve the efficiency of their events management practices through the use of events software. Once implemented, an online event solution ensures that your organization adopts best practice event management processes by controlling and managing the automation of these activities from a central location. Using a software solution designed specifically for event management has proven to be a huge cost and time saver by managing the following activities:

  • Website Integration
  • Event Microsites
  • online registration
  • event communication
  • e-invitation
  • e-survey
  • badge production
  • resource management
  • management of finances
  • travel management
  • meeting planner
  • Incident Reporting and Analysis

Measuring your event’s ROI is now more important than ever, but how do you know how efficient your events are? Using events software is an effective way to increase efficiency, generate more revenue for your business, and retain your customers. Face-to-face event marketing is one of the easiest ways to measure whether you’ve met your event goals, and can be further simplified if you have the necessary tools, such as those found in an event software solution.

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It is imperative that you are able to quantify post-event results and feedback and measure costs such as cost per attendee and overall profitability of the event; This allows you to provide your business with accurate projected sales forecasts. Event management systems allow you to do this and process your event data for you, making the evaluation and reporting process much easier, less time consuming and more cost effective.

Self-service web portal

So your budget has been cut, but how do you make sure your events don’t suffer from this cut? One option is to record a delegate/citizen’s journey online via a self-service web portal. Not only does this show how committed you are to making sure your delegates/citizens’ journey is smooth, but also making sure your information is up to date, clean and accurate.

By implementing an online event solution with a full-featured web self-service portal, attendees can access their personal information anytime, anywhere. Delegates/citizens can view and book events through the portal’s categorized sections, through the comprehensive search mechanism and through the events calendar. Once booked for an event, reminders, notifications and updates can easily be communicated to all relevant parties. By using a versatile online event solution, you can manage, monitor and control all services online from a fully functional self-service portal. The portal mimics your existing website using your specific branding and domain URLs for commercial and government services and for all types of events such as:

  • seminars
  • workshops
  • conferences
  • Internal company meetings
  • training courses
  • incentives
  • Chancellor appointments
  • AGAINST registrations
  • Bike suitability
  • outdoor activities
  • garbage collection
  • pest control
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The Event Booking Portal is your delegates/citizen’s online view of the events/appointments you host and the only place where they can manage their event bookings and online event profile. A comprehensive online self-service web portal enables the event manager to be well organized, multi-task and provide your organization with significant efficiencies such as time and cost savings and improved event performance.

This leads to considerable cost savings for the municipalities, as delegates/citizens can only book appointments based on certain criteria. Using the example of booking a registry office appointment for marriage declarations, the criteria for booking such an appointment depend on a large number of variants. Applicants must answer a number of questions, e.g. B. whether it is a civil partnership or not, nationalities, country of residence, district in which they live, age, time of residence in that district, etc. An online self-service booking portal in such a case offers the possibility of a coherent Journey for the citizen/delegate where they will be asked these required qualification questions, leading to the final stage where they can book an appointment online (if they meet the set criteria). If they are unable to book an appointment due to non-compliance with requirements, the reasons will be explained and action steps will be outlined to help them move to the next step in the process. By allowing citizens/delegates to book appointments online in this way, registrars’ time is used efficiently.

In the case of a commercial event organisation, using a self-service portal has a clear and defined set of efficiencies benefits, from clean and accurate data to improved attendee management. A self-service event portal allows attendees to register online – from booking to payment to registering on the day; ensuring delegates’ journeys are quick, painless and error-free. Low efficiency events are events that have been poorly organized and managed, leaving delegates with an inadequate experience, resulting in lower delegate attendance at future events.

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Event management software can help event managers plan more successful events more efficiently. But it’s not just event managers who reap the benefits – delegates/citizens can reap the rewards of more flexible and appropriate communication, fewer errors and improved event experiences. As the event management industry is impacted by rising costs, reduced budgets and reduced attendance, it is crucial that event organizing companies be as efficient as possible and continuously find ways to improve their event processes. It is the companies that address efficiency issues head on and employ technology that will ensure the success of their events now and in the future.